90% of clients read online reviews before visiting a business

Don't get left behind! Use the latest technology to monitor what your clients are saying about you on Yelp and Google Local.

How can you improve your business' profits?

Use our online review monitoring dashboard to analize your brand performance.

  • Monitor Yelp and Google Local.
  • Analize the performance of each of your branches independently.
  • View the performance of your brnad over time.
  • Improve the aspects of your business that your clients most care about to increase your profits.
  • Learn about the effects of your new business initiatives automatically and without undertaking complicated studies.

What are the benefits of using our online review monitoring product?


We aggregate and display your online review data so that you are able to take action and adapt your strategy dynamically.

Store Branches

We analize the performance of each branch to facilitate the creation of business plans that take into account both the best and worst results.

In the Cloud

Access your account from wherever, whenever.


We use the latest technology to analyze your brand's performance and find out what your clients are thinking

Product Characteristics

Analize your online reviews

We aggregate your online review data so that you're able to see how your brand evolves over time. You'll have detailed and segmented data about your performance available.

Data Visualizations

Our product visualizes the most important data so that you can find out what your clients think about your business.

Receive Detailed Alerts

We inform our clients when we detected changes in our Yelp or Google Local ratings. Protect your profits and react dynamically.

Analize your digital strategy

Online reviews require the latest and most dynamic marketing strategies. By using our products you will be able to react to changes in the market as quickly as possible.

Easy to Use

Our product doesn't need a 200 page manual. It's easy to use due to our intuitive interface that allows you to easily access your data.

Find out how your brand changes

Analize your branches' and brand performance over time. Identify changes related to key events.

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